Lookout Cape Kiwanda

The Beer: Kiwanda Cream Ale & Mother of All Storms from Pelican Brewing, Pacific City, OR

The Adventure: Camping in the rain at Cape Lookout on the Oregon coast.

Everyone thought we were crazy, we thought we were crazy. The end of November in heavy rain seemed like the wrong time to go camping, but that’s what made it an adventure.

Before we got to the campsite we visited the Pelican Brewery in Pacific City. The brewery is on the beach, and we spent some time looking at the ocean despite the rain. Then we went inside and dried off by the fire with some mac n’ cheese and Mother of All Storms, an English style barleywine aged in bourbon barrels. It comes in a snifter and melts in your mouth. It is worth sipping slowly to taste the smokey and rich fruit flavors.

On our way out we filled up a growler with their flagship beer, Kiwanda cream ale, a smooth drinkable ale, and headed to Cape Lookout.

Driving to our campsite, the rain came in waves. Sometimes it would stop completely and other times it looked like the windshield was being sprayed with a fire hose.  When we got to Cape Lookout we had to walk around each prospective campsite to see if we would find solid ground or a lake. We found a campsite that wasn’t soggy and managed to set up our tent while the rain was stopped, and get our growler into the tent before the rain started again.

The next day the rain let up and we were rewarded for our struggle the night before. The beach was gorgeous and deserted. We walked along the cape looking at the contrast of the forest, grassland, and beach. It was definitely worth it.



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