Monhegan Brewing Company- Beer ME

Adventure- hiking, exploring, and swimming on Monhegan Island, ME

Beer- Berliner Weiss with Blueberry Syrup, Dead Man’s Cove Black IPA

Wow! Now that’s been said, let me tell you about our adventure.

Monhegan Island is a small island off the mid-coast of Maine. The only way to reach it is by a ferry that visits twice a day. The ferry left the mainland at 9am and we had an hour long ride where we saw porpoises, seals, many birds, and the rock where puffins were reintroduced to the United States  in the 1980’s after being hunted away. There is another boat that takes you to view puffins, but we decided to head straight to the island.

Monhegan Island has a small year round population and outside cars are prohibited. On our trip we saw the same 3 trucks on the island, serving as shuttles to the hotels and hauling lobster traps. By the end of the day we recognized everyone as either a local or someone who was on our boat.

There are several intense hikes on the island. The paths change from forest trails to rocky cliffs and the ocean is always close by. After a hike along the coast we made our way to Monhegan Brewing Co. The brewery is made up of two spaces, the taproom and the traproom. The traproom has walls, tables, and chairs that are made of lobster traps.

We tried a flight of all their beers, but we agreed on our favorites. The Berliner Weiss with Blueberry Syrup is the perfect summer beer. It is refreshing and tart and is a great introductory beer for people who like ciders. The Dead Man’s Cove Black IPA is one of the best beers we’ve ever tried. It tastes like a cross between a porter and an IPA. It is simultaneously malty and hoppy, and very drinkable. It is worth the trip just for this beer, but does anyone really need an excuse to visit a remote island?



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