Ecliptic Eclipse


Adventure: Lunar Eclipse- September 27, 2015 (You now know how behind I am on posting, sorry)

Beer: Phobos Single Hop Red Ale, Ultraviolet Blackberry Sour Ale: Ecliptic Brewing, Portland, OR

We couldn’t resist the idea of visiting Ecliptic Brewery to view the lunar eclipse. It turned out to be even better than just an idea.

We sat outside and saw the entire eclipse from our table. It was surprisingly uncrowded on the patio; I think it was due to the fall chill. There were a few other people bundled in their sweatshirts, oohing and ahhing as the moon turned red and disappeared. Visiting Ecliptic always feels like joining a community of people who enjoy good beer.

We have tried many breweries in Portland and across the world, and we agree that Ecliptic has the most well crafted beer we have found. It is like drinking art. Every flavor and ingredient listed in their descriptions comes out crystal clear and mixes perfectly with the other flavors. The Blackberry Sour is the best sour beer I’ve tried, and the Phobos is the best red ale I’ve tried, if you can call it a red ale since it has so many complex flavors that blur the line of style and make it something unique. I would not hesitate to say that every beer there is one of the best of it’s style.  I highly recommend the beer and the atmosphere at Ecliptic.


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