Recipe for Apple Scented Underwear

Adventure: Camping at Nickel Creek near Crescent City, California

Beer: Caldera Dry Hop Orange,  Ashland, Oregon

Cider: Smith and Forge (MillerCoors)

Stainless Steel Growler: Base Camp, Portland, Oregon

Before leaving on our camping adventure we filled our stainless steel growler with a delicious Dry Hop Orange beer from Caldera Brewing in Ashland, Oregon. We drove to Crescent City, CA , a small coastal town near the redwoods, and decided to pick up some cans of cider to put in our pack. Our goal was to camp somewhere that was on the beach and in the redwoods. Nickel Creek campground was the perfect spot. It is nestled in that sweet spot between the forest and the rocky coast.

The parking lot for overnight campers is located about a mile and half from the campground so we had a bit of a hike to our spot. We made the beginner’s mistake of packing too much, and we had multiple things tied to our backpacks including a sleeping bag that kept unrolling and I eventually tied to my head. We were exhausted and muddy when we arrived.

That is when I started unpacking and realized one of the cans of cider had exploded during our trek, and all of our clothes were soaked and smelled of apple. We drank the can that didn’t explode as we hung wet clothes all over our tent, and felt a little better since the cider wasn’t that great– so at least we didn’t waste the good stuff.

Finally, we were able to relax and have a good laugh while we enjoyed our beer, and we did enjoy it. Caldera is one of our favorite breweries and it was nice to have a comforting taste of home. The Dry Hop Orange is a mild IPA with just a hint of citrus and thanks to our stainless steel growler, we got to enjoy it in a glass and not on our underwear.



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