New Zealand Edition: Hallertau & Horses

Adventure: Muriwai Beach Horse Treks, Aukland NZ

Beer: Hallertau

Hi! and welcome to our blog. Are you ready for adventure? and beer? Phew, you’re in the right place. (If you were looking for adventure bears or adventure bees, well, we hope you also like beer).

We will normally talk about craft beer around Portland, OR, but this post is part of our NZ Edition. Get ready to travel to the literal other side of the world and vicariously enjoy some craft brews.

We met our horses and guides near Muriwai Beach and donned our safety vests and helmets. Then the adventure began. Ronan rode Tonka and I rode Scooter. I knew Scooter was a rebel from the start because he kept trying to go off the trail or pass the other horses. When we reached the beach, Scooter passed Tonka making an idyllic scene where Ronan and I were horseback riding side by side on the beach, in New Zealand. It was the stuff of dreams. The best part was that the horses stopped for a drink in a stream and as Scooter leaned forward and I leaned back it felt like I was in a scene from a movie.  If you are in New Zealand, this is something you should do.

Now for the beer.

A short drive from the beach we found one of our favorite breweries in New Zealand, Hallertau Brewery. After a long morning of horseback riding we recommend sitting down in this homey restaurant and trying 5 of their beers with the Hero Tasting Paddle. It comes with:

Minimus- a Breakfast IPA 3.8%

Maximus- IPA 5.8%

Stuntman- Imperial IPA 8.5%

Pilsnah- Pilsner- 5.4%

Belgium Witbier- 5.2%

Every one of these beers were good, and in our short stay in NZ we were never let down by Hallertau. I particularly liked the Pilsnah, it had the drinkability of a Pilsner with more flavor. Ronan liked the Stuntman, with a strong hoppy flavor and lots of punch. We also tried their sours (amazing!) and my favorite, the Deception Schwarzbier. Oh and did I mention the food? I ordered ribs and I got a full plate of ribs, 6 or 7. It was juicy, flavorful, and the meat was falling off the bone. But this isn’t a food blog so I’ll leave you with plenty of ideas for adventure and beer.



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